Nutritive line


A line designed to restore vitality to dry and very dry hair. Its formula helps to deeply nourish dehydrated hair, for daily softness. Shine and shine every day!

Our (not so) secret formula

Argan Oil
Natural Origin

Argan Oil

Rich in Omega 3, Omega 6 and Vitamin E, it restores the hair’s vitality and silkiness. Of natural origin, it is renowned for its revitalising properties.
Coconut Oil
Natural Origin

Coconut Oil

Highly valued in beauty treatments for its nourishing and regenerating powers thanks to emollients and vitamin E.

An explosion for dry hair!

* Instrumental test conducted on damaged hair, comparing Yellow Nutritive full service with a generic shampoo.
** + 43% combability on wet hair. Instrumental test conducted on damaged hair treated with Yellow Nutritive (Shampoo+Mask+Leave-in Conditioner) in comparison with damaged, untreated hair.
*** Compared to hair not treated with Yellow Nutritive.
  • +51% Hydration*
    After only one treatment!
  • +78% Combability on
    dry hair**
    And + 43% combability on wet hair!
  • 3X Brightness
    Hair is three times brighter and shinier.***

Our support, always by your side

Master every product of this line with our step-by-step brochure designed to restore vitality to dry and very dry hair. If you’re excited to learn even more, head to our Education section for a wide range of videos about the Yellow Professional world.

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