Repair line


The line specially designed for damaged and extremely damaged hair, containing Almond Protein and Cocoa Butter. Restore your natural strength!

Our (not so) secret formula

Natural Origin

Almond Protein

Of natural origin, their low molecular weight allows them to penetrate the deepest layers of the fibre, interacting with the hair’s keratin to protect it and help repair damaged hair.
Cocoa Butter
Natural Origin

Cocoa Butter

Of natural origin, with fatty acids that work on the lipid structure to provide nutrition and seal the cuticle.

The perfect energy boost for your hair!

* Instrumental test conducted on damaged hair treated with Yellow Repair (Shampoo+Mask) in comparison with a generic shampoo.
** + 61% combability on dry hair. Instrumental test on damaged hair treated with Yellow Repair (Shampoo+Mask) compared to a generic shampoo.
  • +15% Stronger Hair*
    And + 9% tensile strength and resistance to breakage*!
  • +79% Combability on
    damp hair**
    And + 61% combability on dry hair!
  • -98% Fly-away effect*
    Your hair will suffer less from static electricity after combing.

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Master every product of this line designed for damaged and extremely damaged hair. If you’re excited to learn even more, head to our Education section for a wide range of videos about the Yellow Professional world.

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