Silver line


The Silver line is designed to eliminate brassy and yellow undertones for cool blondes, bleached, ultra-natural, and shiny white or gray hair. No yellow streak here!

Our (not so) secret formula

Açaí Berries
Natural Origin

Açaí Berries

This superfood with an intense purple color, a complementary color of yellow tones, acts more internally on the causes leading to hair yellowing.
Rose of Jericho
Natural Origin

Rose of Jericho

Used in houses to fight unpleasant odors and smoke, for hair it creates an external shield to protect from yellowing caused by daily pollution.

Ready for a cool party! What are the causes of yellow tones?

*Lab test carried out on bleached hair, hair that underwent exposure cycles to environmental pollutants.
  • Bleach
    Bleach can be one of the causes of hair yellowing.
  • Temperature
    One of the causes can also be the temperature of hair straighteners and curling irons.
  • Pollution
    Both internal and external factors can contribute to over 30% of hair yellowing*.

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Master every product of this line designed to eliminate brassy and yellow undertones with our step-by-step brochure. If you’re excited to learn even more, head to our Education section for a wide range of videos about the Yellow Professional world.

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