The brand

Positive, smart and authentic.

We are Yellow Professional.

We support hair care professionals and hair lovers with quality products capable of meeting every need.

Your hair is your crown – show it proudly!


Wear our Yellow lens


Every version of you is the best: show your uniqueness! Freedom is about showing your true, authentic self.


We believe that life is easier when you smile. Cherish the you of today and welcome the you of tomorrow.


We believe in a kaleidoscopic beauty of that embraces every age, every gender, every story.

Italian heart

We were born in Italy, but we have an international soul. And we always seek new experiences to grow with the people around us.

Smart quality

We find inspiration in the power of nature, which is why we guarantee transparent quality within everyone’s reach.

Every day,
your true colors

Your hair is not untameable – it’s full of life.
Your hair is not fragile – it’s precious.
Your hair is not dry – it has been kissed too wildly by the sun.
With the knowledge that the Yellow Professional range is here to meet your every need, we want you to know that every you is the best you.
And even a bad hair day is just a new chance to be surprised.


The more you know, the more you grow

Education is the key to self-improvement. For this reason, we believe in providing our professionals with specialized and updated online materials that can unlock their true potential.

The Group

Yellow Professional is part of the ALFAPARF MILANO Group, an Italian multinational in the cosmetics industry founded by Roberto Franchina. Active in the care of hair, face and body with technological products and equipment, the Group integrates Research and Development, Production, Distribution and Training.

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