Scalp line


The hair line for balanced and vibrant hair, suitable for every scalp need, with Rambutan known for its revitalizing and anti-pollution properties. A breath of fresh air!

Our (not so) secret formula

100% Natural &
sustainable origin


The seed extract of this Vietnamese superfruit, is found in the entire line, to revitalize hair from roots to ends.

Happiness starts with your head!

*Instrumental measurements taken during the regular application of the Yellow Scalp Energy Shampoo + Energy Lotion treatment (vs. placebo) after 8 weeks of treatment.
**Instrumental test carried out on Yellow Scalp Balance Shampoo (after using the product regularly, 3 times a week for 4 weeks).
***Instrumental test compared to generic Shampoo.
  • -44% Hair loss*
    Energy Shampoo strengthens and redensifies from the root.
  • -14% Scalp Oiliness**
    Balance Shampoo cleanses reducing and regulating sebum production.
  • -30% Heavy Metals***
    Detox Cream removes 100% of chlorine residue that a normal shampoo cannot eliminate alone.

Our support, always by your side

Master every product of this line designed for balanced and vibrant hair with our step-by-step brochure. If you’re excited to learn even more, head to our Education section for a wide range of videos about the Yellow Professional world.

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