Color Care line

Color Care

Perfect for use both in-salon and at home, it's the must-have product line for vibrant, long-lasting hair color. Long live color!

Our (not so) secret formula

Italian fruits
Natural Origin

Italian Fruits

This rich and valuable phytocomplex, obtained from Grape, Lemon and Apple extracts, in synergy with Wheat Bran, offers high performance. It protects the coloured hair from washing and improves colour radiance.
White Radish
Natural Origin

White Radish

Extraordinary complex of ingredients obtained from White Raphael extract, in synergy with Magnolia and Rosemary. It offers all-round protection from UV fading and heat damage.
Natural Origin


A natural oil with multiple benefits that brings nourishment and shine to the hair without making it greasy or heavy.

Long live color!

*Instrumental test on Color Care treatment (Shampoo+Conditoner+Mask+Leave-in) compared to basic treatment.
**Instrumental test on hair treated with Yellow Color Care Refresh Mask Cool Brown .32, in comparison with untreated hair.
***Instrumental test on Color Care treatment (Shampoo+Mask+Leave-in) compared to base treatment.
**** Instrumental test on Color Care treatment (Shampoo+Conditioner+Leave-in) compared to base treatment.
  • HIGH Colour Retention
    +15% colour retention after 18 washes* and +76% colour retention after 12 washes with Refresh Masks**
  • HIGH Protection against
    UV radiation and
    heat sources
    +18% colour protection from UV rays*** and +83% protection from heat damage****
  • MORE Combability
    and Shine!
    +25% combability** and +36% shine** with Refresh Masks.BC22

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Master every product of this line with our step-by-step brochure dedicated to enhance and preserve the intensity and shine of the color over time. If you’re excited to learn even more, head to our Education section for a wide range of videos about the Yellow Professional world.

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