Say bye-bye to copper and yellow highlights. Extra natural results with no unwanted residues.


Color up your life!

*Application tests on models.
** After 12 washes, yellow colour retains up to 80% of its intensity, more than its main competitor. Instrumental test conducted on the shade red 5.66.
***Hair treated with yellow colour increases its shine by up to +106% compared to the main competitor, instrumental test conducted on shade red 5.66.
****Improved combability measured on damaged hair, after 3 treatments with yellow 5.66.
  • +100% Impeccable
    Color appears recently applied, even after 1 month!**
  • + 106% Unbeatable
    Hair looks bright and shiny.
  • + 64% Combability
    Combability improves progressively after each color treatment.****

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